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Our exclusive ZEAL Creative Studio offers you the chance to design your very own sportswear kit on your choice of electronic device. This easy-to-navigate kit builder allows you to pick your favourite garment, add team colours and upload sponsorship logos. Best of all? You can view it in full 360 degrees!

We offer you the chance to create bespoke sportswear at affordable prices. Our products are carefully constructed using a blend of moisture-wicking polyester fabrics, and we make use of sublimation dyes that ensure long-lasting colour stability. Our team is always sourcing new fabrics, materials and more, so that we can offer you the latest in textile innovation.

The process is simple:

  • Visit our Creative Studio and design your kit by adding your personal flair (style, colours, logos, names)
  • Click “FINISH” and enter your email address to receive the design in electronic PDF format
  • Our sales team will be in touch to discuss and place your formal order

The ZEAL Creative Studio currently offers the following customisation options:

  • Creative Studio original designs
  • Full sublimation garments
  • Collar and colour choices
  • Add team and sponsorship logos (embroidery, silk-screen,silicone print, heat press)
  • Add player names and nicknames
  • Add player numbers

If you are interested in further customisation, please contact us directly at Additional customisation options include:

  • Complete fresh design
  • Cut and sew garments

Please note that further customisation may impact production and delivery times.

Yes, absolutely. Our team can create a unique design using your team colours. You can also request different fabric options, logo placement, text fonts etc. Please contact us directly if you want us to create a fresh design concept for your team.

Please note that we do not accept requests to replicate garments produced by clubs or teams without written permission from the its sole owner.

Yes. If your colour choice is not available on the Creative Studio, please provide our sales team with the exact colour codes you need. It’s best to provide this in the following format:

  • Pantone colours (eg. Pantone 1805)
  • CMYK colour breakdown (eg. C100, M95, Y10, K0)

Once you are satisfied with your creation, proceed by clicking “FINISH” and enter your email address to submit a PDF copy of your creation to our team. We will contact you directly to communicate the full details of your order. This includes the following:

  • Quantities
  • Pricing detail
  • Sizing detail
  • List of player names
  • List of player numbers

Our ZEAL SPORTS sizing chart and guideline document has been designed to make sure that you get the best possible fit for our product patterns. Please note that, although we try to accommodate standard international sizing, our size chart may differ from other brands.

We strongly encourage you to select your team’s sizes according to the measurements on our charts. Since our service provides a fully customised product, we do not offer an exchange policy on garments that are incorrect in size.

Please refer to our size chart and guideline document on how to best measure or contact us for more information regarding our sizing.

You can click to browse the logos from your electronic device and upload them directly onto the Creative Studio. In order to create artwork and prints that are striking and sharp, it’s best to provide us with the highest resolution possible. Please upload your logos in either of the following formats:

  • .ai
  • .psd
  • .pdf
  • .png (at a resolution of 300dpi or higher)
  • .jpeg (at a resolution of 300dpi or higher)

Please contact us directly if you’re having trouble to upload your logos, or to see if a logo re-design is possible. Please note that this may impact delivery and production times.

The Creative Studio keeps a memory of all your previous designs. Click the “FINISH” button and see a preview of your creations. Remember to download a copy of your design and show it to your friends!

We are currently accepting payments in the form of electronic banking transfers, credit cards and payments made through PayPal. Payment details will be directly communicated once your formal order is placed with our sales team.

Once the deposit has been paid and the full detail of your order has been finalised and collected, we will start the production of your sportswear kit. Our customers can look forward to receiving their parcel within 4-6 weeks after the production process has started. Production time may vary slightly in some instances. Kindly refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

We use reliable courier services to deliver our parcels worldwide. Shipping details will be provided once the parcel has been dispatched. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Our team will communicate with you the details of your order, its production and shipment. Depending on your location, customs duties and taxes are included in your quotation. Shipping fees are charged additionally, unless specified in writing, by us. Please contact us directly for more information on this subject.

We try our best to ensure that each of our products is made according to your exact specifications and instructions. In the case of a defected or faulty garment(s), we offer a money-back guarantee. We do not offer an exchange policy on bespoke, customised sportswear. If you are not satisfied with the contents of your order, please contact us for further assistance. Please refer to our terms and conditions to learn more on our formal policies.


Let’s fill you in on the important components of your future sportswear kit…

Polyester Blends:

Our garments are produced from 100% polyester, or a blend of polyester fabrics, all containing moisture-wicking properties. Our products are free from harmful substances and contain anti-UV GUARD components that has been designed for protection against solar exposure.

Moisture-wicking Fabric:

This type of fabric technology draws sweat away from the skin and in turn ensures a cool, dry and breathable feel. Its wicking properties contain permanent fibres that prevent bacterial growth and helps to regulate body temperatures. It’s easy to easy to clean and care for, and we choose to include this in our products for its many benefits.

Sublimation Printing:

Our printing team makes use of a sublimation dye that keeps strong with every wash. Sublimation dye provides the best quality look with its endless options of shading, colour blends and photographic prints. ZEAL uses only the finest Italian and Korean inks available to ensure your team names, logos, numbers and sponsorship details are displayed in the most striking way.

GSM (gm/2):

Grams per Square Metre is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric. Since our goal is to produce the best garments for each sports type, we have chosen the most suitable GSM to represent each of our products. Our customers are welcome to request different fabric weights for their kits.